CF Events is an organization that specializes in creating unforgettable, professional, and fun events for athletes of all ranges. We believe that all athletes should be catered to, from the beginning athlete who has been working hard to improve themselves to the advanced athlete who has dreams of qualifying for CrossFit® Games.

Events for everyone

Our competitions are not only for the best but also for the rest, we grant everyone the opportunity to experience a world class competition on their level.

Our events range from parents and kids, advanced, elite divisions and everything in between. Our dedication to all athletes lead to us being the first CrossFit® Licensed event for beginners.

We started off with one event and we are continuously expanding across Europe. We pride ourselves on our community.

We diligently work on staying up to date on trends in fitness and applying that which suits our concept. We are progressive, creative and always open to new ideas. It is important to remain active in every sense of the word – we can only move forward through actions.

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Wherever we go, we make sure to work with the locals, ensuring it is not just our event but that of the community. We work with local event managers and motivated volunteers. Without our crew, no event, so we always make sure to take care of them. This is a major part of our success.